Our goal is to bring people together on a splendidly-laid table for them to enjoy the food and society at the same time. And good taste starts with the table decoration! As a manufacturer, we are constantly striving to develop new, innovative designs and products around the set table. One among many? No, we are much more than just a manufacturer. When our creative minds of the house come together, then magic arises. We plan, invent, draw, decorate, fold and print. It often takes several months until we finally hold the finished product in our hands.

But the effort is worth it. Positive feedback is received from customers around the world. This encourages us in wwhat we do and how we do it, our employees and our environment.

The Home Fashion® brand from Carl Dietrich GmbH has been present on the market worldwide for more than 20 years and stands for the highest quality and individual service. In addition, as a company we specialize in the individualization of table products, whether as private label (your logo – your design) or white label (your logo – our design). Our portfolio includes napkins, table covers, centre table covers, table runners and table cover rolls, all of which are manufactured at our company location in Großrückerswalde / Germany.